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Irene, a case manager assistant, had been through four pregnancies and found that as she was getting older, the weight seemed to stick with her. After having her last child, Irene started working out - not to become skinny, but just to lose her belly fat. It was hard and she knew she was not much of a dieter and wasn’t going to be able to commit to that type... Read More

Melissa C.

Melissa’s son was getting married in May 2022. She knew that her age was showing and she was desperate to do anything nonsurgical to help her look more youthful, especially on the day of the big event. A friend recommended Germantown Aesthetics to Melissa and she fell in love with them. In January, Melissa had a Sugar Thread Lift procedure done at the... Read More

Dr. A

Dr. A became inspired to improve her appearance after watching a family member get Botox as a preventative treatment. In her line of work, she is involved in a lot of health and wellness and wanted to present herself better. Fortunately, Dr. A won a prize that had been donated by Dr. Laurence at a Christmas party! She knew instantly that she wanted to... Read More

Ms. V

Ms. V, a 45 year old mom of two, was working on her weight-loss journey with her nutritionist when she was first introduced to the idea of a CombiTuck. Ms. V talked to her nutritionist about her stubborn belly fat, how it made her feel like her clothes didn’t agree with her, and how she felt self-conscious all the time, wearing jackets to camouflage her midsection... Read More

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