Irene, a case manager assistant, had been through four pregnancies and found that as she was getting older, the weight seemed to stick with her. After having her last child, Irene started working out - not to become skinny, but just to lose her belly fat. It was hard and she knew she was not much of a dieter and wasn’t going to be able to commit to that type of routine. Irene thought about getting a combituck procedure but really hadn’t planned on going through with it. 

“I was talking to my friend who lives in Georgia. She told me that she had gotten a tummy tuck and showed me her stomach. My friend looked at my stomach and encouraged me to have the procedure done myself,” recalls Irene. It wasn’t until later, when she and that friend took a trip to Las Vegas, that Irene was inspired. “I saw my friend in her bikini. I saw her results and how good she looked. That’s when I decided I was going to do it,” Irene shared.

When Irene returned home, she started her search to find a doctor to do her procedure. Being familiar with the medical field, Irene knew that she didn’t want to go out of the country or state since it was considered a major surgery. Irene believed it was very important to be able to build a relationship with the doctor she was going to choose to do her surgery. By choosing a local doctor, she would be able to build that rapport with the medical team.

Irene personally knew people who had chosen Dr. Laurence to do procedures for them. This made her comfortable with the decision to work with Germantown Aesthetics. “When I went for my consultation, Dr. Laurence made me feel very comfortable. I could see the enthusiasm he had for taking me on as his patient. He told me my results would be amazing because I was a perfect candidate for the procedure,” Irene recounts. In March 2022 Irene had her combituck. 

“My experience with the Germantown Aesthetics staff is that they all are really genuine. The level of customer service was amazing and I loved it. In my experience, they made sure I was comfortable, because I was anxious about having the procedure. Since my surgery, I would do it again or have any other cosmetic surgery done by Dr. Laurence and his staff. I feel like I have a family there and a new set of friends!” exclaimed Irene.

Irene has the following advice for anyone considering this procedure. “Do your research. Do not go out of the country looking for a deal or a cheap price. Go local and build relationships with the doctor and the staff. There is no such thing as a dumb question. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t be embarrassed. Also, try to find people who have had surgery with the doctor you are considering and talk to them about their experience. I’m sure Dr. Laurence will have some referrals coming his way, as I’ve had people ask me about my experience!”