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Dr. Laurence and his team at Germantown Aesthetics are experienced with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and have helped patients achieve a better sense of well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hormone Replacement Therapy

How do I know which hormones I might consider?

Based on age, history, symptoms, gender, examination and laboratory values, we will discuss possible options. Oral formulations, topical creams, subdermal implants, and injections will be considered. Learn more about the hormones we may prescribe for males and females.

Is hormone replacement therapy safe?

There are risks which must be considered for HRT. Although all available data does not make everyone a candidate for hormone replacement, there is some data which is compelling with regard to certain patient groups who might benefit. For example:

Study #1 1267 women prescribed testosterone over ten years experienced more than 50% reduction of expected invasive breast cancer.

Study #2 71,407 men were evaluated regarding risk of blood clots in legs or lungs. No statistical difference was demonstrated between those who were on testosterone versus those who were not.

Study #3 656 men in a VA setting were observed over an average of a seven year period. This observation registry demonstrated that the group of men not treated with testosterone accumulated 57 non-fatal strokes and heart attacks. The similar sized group who were on long-acting testosterone injections experienced 0 non-fatal strokes and heart attacks.

Study #4 One criticism of the landmark Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) was that all women enrolled were past menopause, rather than before or in the midst of menopause. “All cause” mortality was similar in post-hysterectomy patients with estrogen treatment vs. placebo. The authors published the overall results including women as old as age 79 which indicated that there was an increase risk of stroke and no cardiac benefit. The WHI was the trial which caused many physicians to rethink routine hormone prescribing habits. However a subset of women ages 50-59 demonstrated favorable trends in this equine estrogen-only treatment. 1637 women were treated and the same number were given placebo and were followed for seven years. This subset demonstrated a trend towards less heart disease, breast cancer and colon cancer.

How does one consider the above studies for a 50-year-old woman close to menopause who has severe fatigue, vaginal skin thinning and loss of sexual desire? Do undetectable lab levels of testosterone and estradiol make a difference? Will replacement of one or both of these hormones cause an increase or decrease in breast cancer risk, heart attack, and blood clot? Although the data above may be reassuring, claims of individual treatment or combination can only be based on reliable and specific scientific evidence. Reassuring data for one sex, may not apply to the other.

Physicians and patients should consider the risks and benefits for any hormone replacement therapy in men or women.

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