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The Problem: Aging – makes us look bad and feel bad!

The problem is aging, and we’ve been in medicine for a long time trying to do all kinds of things to help with aging. Our bodies deteriorate, and they stop working as well. It really comes down to a functional issue and a “good looks” issue. We don’t do as well in life when our tissues get less healthy, and we feel bad and look bad too!

The previous solutions that have not worked.

So, what have doctors been doing? Well, we’ve been doing all kinds of things. We’ve been prescribing synthetic drugs, trying to treat people’s cholesterol, treating their blood pressure, and diabetes. There has been some success with that but not really the great success that we want. Patients have been smart enough to do their research and they know that vitamins and supplements can help, exercise can help, but in the end we are all looking for more.

What is the new solution?

We’ve actually discovered a new line of thinking that will revolutionize everything about the way we age by unlocking the power already in the body. You will hear a lot about stem cells and a lot about growth factors. Now some of this is silly. Individuals will hijack the words of these effective treatment. They will try to tell you that “it’s from nature it must be safe and effective”. . It sounds good but really the thing that you need is your own growth factors or stem cells, so the two are related. I’ll talk to you about that another time, but right now I want to mention that one of the most powerful tools that we have is actually taking your blood, removing the platelets, and forcing those growth factors out to be used for tissue improvement.. What do those growth factors do? They grow blood vessels, the things that your tissues need. They grow nerves; and that can bring tissue feeling and sensitivity back to life. We’re using these techniques everywhere from your head down to below your belt. Treatments include improvements to:

Thin hair
Quality of skin
Lifting of face
Stretch marks
Sexual Health for men and women

What to do?

Germantown Aesthetics is known across the country as an innovator in platelet rich plasma vampire and other technologies that will address your cosmetic and health needs.

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