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At Germantown Aesthetics, we take a unique approach to anesthesia. We have found that our patients do not need to undergo the risks associated with general anesthesia in order to have a pleasant and pain free experience during surgery. Because we choose a minimally invasive approach to all of our procedures, we are able to use either conscious sedation or tumescent anesthesia, or a combination of both for certain procedures.

Tumescent anesthesia is a cutting-edge technique in cosmetic surgery that affords most patients a more rapid recovery and quicker return to regular activities. Tumescent anesthesia contains lidocaine and epinephrine and is administered locally to the area to be treated. The lidocaine numbs the area while epinephrine significantly decreases bleeding.

Some procedures, such as our laser vein therapy (EVLA), require only the use of tumescent anesthesia. Surgical procedures like liposuction, CombiTuck™, and breast augmentation require a combination of tumescent anesthesia and conscious sedation.

Advantages to our technique when compared with general anesthesia:

  • Safer
  • Higher rate of patient satisfaction
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Less pain after awakening

During your consultation, our clinical team will explain more details about this new technique that allows the vast majority of our patients to awake with absolutely no pain after the procedure. You can learn more about the advantages and decreased risks of conscious sedation by reading our recent blog on “Brain Fog”.

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